How would your Inquisitor’s LI get them out of their fancy Orlesian outfit after a ball?

  • Would Sera make a slow game of it, yanking loose each stubborn lace one at a time, circling slowly, while her lover shivers in delight, hands fisted in her skirts?
  • Would Dorian distract the Inquisitor with honeyed words and neck kisses, while his fingers undo each button on the doublet, pressing his hips close to his lover’s?
  • Would Iron Bull forgo any sort of coy game and simply rip his lover’s clothing off in a rush, because seeing them in that outfit has had him desperate all evening?
  • Would Cassandra tease her lover, allowing his hands to wander over her own dress’s material before shoving him flat onto the bed and taking him still half-clothed?
  • Would Cullen need a little extra encouragement, a little guidance, because propriety tells him that it’s a scandal to touch a lady so inappropriately when she’s still clothed so beautifully?
  • Would Varric slice off bits of garment with a hidden butterfly knife, much too impatient for games or laces or frills, while the Inquisitor half-heartedly protests the destruction of their nice clothes?

(via azuremosquito)